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Hair Transplants: Here to Stay …

Thanks to many celebrities, hair transplants are becoming much more accessible.  Not only
is the cost more affordable but the technology used is very sophisticated – and being refined constantly.  Both male and female clients can undergo a process called FUE (Follicle Unit Hair Transplant_BAExtraction) which means that hairs are individually removed and repositioned on the crown.  This also means that there is no unsightly scar around the back of the head.  Even better, most people believe that the best hair transplants take place in London.  Not true!  We at A&A host regular local hair transplant consultations in conjunction with UK renowned surgeon Dr Shahmalak of Crown Clinic. He has many years of experience and works with Channel 4, featuring in many TV series.  If you’re interested in a hair transplant, check out our dedicated Hair Transplant site and gallery . Or please get in touch for an initial, no obligation consultation today!